RAEE COLOMBIA SAS, is an environmental manager, legally established in Colombia since 2017, which has an environmental license in Cota – Cundinamarca and Barranquilla – Atlántico, which is responsible for collecting and appropriately disposing of waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, catalysts, scrap metal, among others, preventing these from reaching landfills or bodies of water and potentially generating pollution in the environment.

By delivering your waste to RAEE COLOMBIA SAS, you are guaranteeing that it is not a source of environmental contamination, that its handling will be safe and in accordance with current legal regulations, you will be complying with Colombian law, to endorse your commitment to the environment WEEE COLOMBIA SAS, gives you a waste disposal certificate, which is the valid legal support that certifies your commitment to the law and the environment. If you are a company, you are obliged to deliver your waste to certified and formally registered environmental managers. This disposal certificate granted to you by RAEE COLOMBIA SAS is the support that you can show to the authorities in case of monitoring visits or environmental audits.

Because all our processes are covered by current legal regulations, we have an environmental license in 2 cities and we have links with transport companies authorized to handle this type of waste, you will also have your disposal certificate within the established period.

You will be able to consult your disposition certificates 24/7, all through our website www.raee.com.co, we do not work through intermediaries which allows the process to be more expeditious and direct communication with the company to address any concerns.

To handle the catalysts we have cutting-edge technology for the analysis of the parts, guaranteeing a fair and favorable price.

Yes, we coordinate the collection of electronic waste from your facilities to ours if required by the generator.

Once the material arrives at our facilities, we proceed with weighing, classification and treatment according to the type of waste. The certificate will be available through the website www.raee.com.co in a period of no more than 90 calendar days. , once the material is received at the plant.

Yes, it is necessary that the materials be located in a physical space that is easily accessible for weighing and loading them.

Yes, we have an environmental license in Cota – Cundinamarca and Barranquilla – Atlántico.

No, the management of collection, transportation, management and certification of final disposal and/or use of waste is free.